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Echo-Shield Organic

A welcome addition to our product line. Naturally hypoallergenic and made from bamboo.

Bamboo & Organics

Earth-Friendly and Oh, So Comfortable

Fitted Protection

We've measured so you don't have to

Waterproof & Vinyl Protection

Worry-free defense from accidents and spills 

Furnishings For Your Home...And A Little Extra!


Zippered Protection

Designed to keep out bugs and allergens

Diamond Series

​Our flagship product offering industry-leading durability and a 10 -year product warranty.


Pillow Encasements

A true safe-guard around your head

Infinity Series

​Designed to compliment your mattresse's features, while providing outstanding performance, in one cost competitive package.

Premier Series

A showcase high-end product lineup which focuses on comfort, style and dependability.

Expandable Protection

Roomy enough to fit even if you change mattresses